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Are you auditing municipal clients who are still using general accounting software?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

As your client's trusted advisor, you know the advantage of fund-based accounting versus dealing with workarounds through general accounting software.

Many cities feel they are stuck using general accounting software because they can’t afford a larger, more expensive multiple-module software.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you help your clients discover affordable, time-saving solutions tailored for municipal accounting needs from CSA Software Solutions (CSA).

CSA sells and supports CenterPoint Fund Accounting and Payroll software, along with Diversified Billing and RVS Mosaics, utility billing software that interfaces with CenterPoint.

Our more than 300 fund accounting clients are small-to-medium-sized cities with populations ranging from 170+ to 30,000 in states across the country, Oregon, to Pennsylvania to Louisiana.

A survey we conducted earlier this year revealed that most municipal clerks/treasurers only need accounting, payroll, and utility billing software without all the expensive bells and whistles. That’s where we come in.

A Day in the Life of a City Clerk | Software to Make Your Job Easier

Technology most needed by a typical city clerk based on 121 respondents surveyed in June 2020.

Let CSA help you help your client.

We understand that your clients are using many different software systems. You’re probably hesitant to endorse a particular software.

We have relationships with several auditors, both independent and with state governments, who recommend CenterPoint fund accounting software to their clients. They find the ease of use, report customization capabilities, and support from our CSA team invaluable to their auditing process.

You don't have to endorse us, but consider sharing this eBooklet with your clients that outlines the advantages of Fund Accounting software.

Join other municipal auditors for a Virtual Demonstration on Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021, @ 3 PM CST to learn how CenterPoint Fund Accounting and Payroll can help you help your municipal clients. Sign up here.

Have other questions? We’re here for you. Get in touch.

Gay Shelton, Marketing and Sales Coordinator

CSA Software Solutions

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(800) 264-4465

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