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Copy of Twists, Turns & Lessons Learned #1

By Gay Shelton, CSA Software Solutions and Stephanie Elsen, Red Wing Software


Office hours are shorter, citizens are greeted from behind clear vinyl, some co-workers are at home instead of across the room, lunch dates aren't happening, council meetings are "Zoomed" and educational conferences are canceled.

This is the new normal for most municipal clerks.

With all these changes, I decided we all needed a little hope and inspiration.

So, Twists, Turns & Lessons Learned was born. A monthly article that shares some of your peers' wisdom and experiences, hopefully putting a little pep in your step as you continue to serve your community.

Some articles may motivate, some may delight, and hopefully, all will inspire you as you deal with the twists and turns you are faced with at city hall these days.

Let's start with this great message of hope from Jeremy Anderson:

FWD this to another municipal clerk who needs

a little hope and inspiration this week, too!

May our conditions, not be our conclusions!

Stay safe and carry on!

Gay Shelton, CSA Software Solutions

and Stephanie Elsen, Red Wing Software


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