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CSA Software Solutions: Stay Safe and Carry On!

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

What an uncertain time it’s been the last two weeks. Every day brings on new challenges and experiences never experienced before.

Life has slowed down. We are spending more time indoors with the family. Socializing with friends doesn’t even seem possible anytime soon.

I’ve committed that I will read more. Especially books and articles to help me be the best wife, grandmother (sorry son and daughter), friend, employee, and co-worker that I can be.

As I’m reading, I will share articles that might make our lives a little more exciting and uplifting during these challenging times. Or, better yet, help make our future better. And, if you read something beneficial, send it to me. I’d love to read it too!

Here’s a fun article on What-To-Do-This-Weekend. I loved the idea about dragging your friends into your literary abyss and create a virtual book club, and video call each other to discuss.

The CSA team hopes you and your family stay safe! We are answering all support calls during normal business hours.

Stay home (and read a new book), wash your hands, and ration your toilet paper!

Gay Shelton

CSA Software Solutions

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