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You Have Options!

​RVS Mosaics
RVS Mosaics has thousands of users all over the United States.  The ease of integrating this program with your current system has attributed to it's popularity.  Mosaics is a complete water management program.   Our utility billing specialists will help convert your current customer data to our new system.

Program Features

  • ​Network Availabiltiy

  • Final Bill Procedures

  • Customer Audit Trail

  • Adjustment Screen

  • Unlimited Rate Codes

  • Integrate with most AMR systems

Available Modules

ACH Bank Drafting

​Hand Held Meter Readers

​Cash Management

​Workorder/Inventory​...and more!

Diversified Billing
Diversified Billing was written to allow you to run your entire operation from your dashboard.  Software development staff have already invested more than 65,000 hours to provide you with utility billing software that will streamline your operation and make your customers smile.

Program Features

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  • ​Single screen for all customer account info

  • Dashboard with the status of billing tasks

  • Send traditional or e-mail bills

  • Generate late notices, shut-off notices

  • Let customers access their account 24/7 online

  • Seamlessly change platforms as your needs change

  • Accept credit/debit card payments online

  • Integrate with most AMR systems

  • Integrate with CenterPoint Fund Accounting

  • Robust and customizable reporting

  • Complete disaster recovery plan

Available Modules

​Mobile Workorder

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